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Kidzzdom’s playful learning is an approach that uses children’s play to support discovery, learning and problem-solving. Integrating both free play and guided play into early learning settings promotes children’s healthy physical, cognitive, linguistic, and socio-emotional development and helps build a strong foundation for academic success and social integration.

Children, between the age of 2 and 14 years, are natural playful learners given their innate desire to craft, discover and team up with other children, making Kidzzdom® the ideal Family Entertainment Centre to play and benefit at the same time.

Activities are designed by pedagogues and educators in a way to be educational and entertaining. The activities and their contents are developed according to school curriculums and aim at teaching children rules, values, and regulations, in order to strive for a better society where all children have equal rights.
Through realistic role-play, children learn and experience various career opportunities, and learn how to be financially literate.

Children are also innate role players; they perform it naturally without the need of any explanation or adults’ guidance. They only need to watch adults performing the job to begin mimicking them. Children are naturally curious. They explore their surroundings to learn about how the world works. By capitalizing on this, role playing promotes development and learning, relying on children’s play to drive discovery and problem-solving.