Al Khaleejiyah Entertainment co. is a joint venture between two entertainment giants in the Arabian Peninsula, Alhokair Group and MS Retail KSC.

Alhokair Group is a name that has been tied to the world of hospitality and entertainment for decades. To many, it has become the first name that comes to mind when entertainment and hospitality in Saudi Arabia or the Arabian world are mentioned.

MS Retail KSC, on the other hand, are specialty retail and entertainment developers in Kuwait; they developed the BAROUE concept as well as other entertainment concepts, all targeting the youth audience.

Al Khaleejiyah Entertainment co. holds ownership of the intellectual property and rights of Kidzzdom® and is responsible for promoting it worldwide. The company gathered the best industry experts to develop and promote the concept and see it grow to become an industry leader in every market where it operates. Its aim is to be the best edutainment experience for its guests, while forming tight alliances with its sponsors and franchisees, and protecting the environment and surrounding communities. Al Khaleejiyah Entertainment co. also operates and runs the Baroue concept in Saudi Arabia, a concept that integrates specialty retail and entertainment targeted at children 12 years old and under.


Our vision is to stimulate and inspire kids by empowering them and by training them to real life in order to make the world better.


To be the best edutainment destination in role playing for kids and their parents while maintaining the most effective medium of communication to our sponsors and while committing to the enhancement of our community and environment.


Our values are an essential element of the company’s culture:
Innovation: We are focused on using our innovation to be creative.
High Standards of Excellence: In everything we do, we distinguish ourselves through maintaining a high standard quality.
Integrity: Our actions must be professional and truthful.
Enthusiasm: We are passionate about what we do and the way we do it.
Commitment: We are committed to our guests, sponsors, team members, business partners, our community as well as the environment